Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here are some frequently asked questions by our customers.

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How is Melt any different from other laundry detergents?

Melt is free from harmful chemicals and plastic packaging. It's very light and can be posted through your door. It contains tiny eco-cleaners, natural enzymes, and light natural fragrances. It’s a zero-waste product that doesn’t leave any residue in your machine or on your clothes.

Am I tied into a set delivery schedule or minimum period with Melt?

You can choose to receive your Melt 60 box every two, four, six, or eight weeks. This can be changed easily during your subscription. You can pause or cancel your subscription at any time. We have never and will never will lock you into a subscription.

When will I get my first delivery?

Most orders will arrive the next day or the day after you order (UK).

How do I use Melt laundry strips?

Melt laundry strips can be added to your machine right before you wash, or they can be used to handwash garments. They dissolve in 10 seconds and leave no residue on your clothes or in the machine..

Does Melt clean clothes as well as traditional laundry detergents?

Yes! In tests, it is usually superior to big name brands due to the unique nano particle action, 100% dispersion and lack of residue post wash.

Can I use Melt laundry strips on delicate fabrics like silk and cashmere?

Absolutely! It’s designed to be delicate and handwash-friendly.