What Do Millennials Want From Their Laundry Product?

by Rachel Bray

Convenient, effective and eco laundry detergent by subscription


Convenience in today’s world is key. Which makes traditional laundry detergents unappealing for many reasons. Inconvenient to buy and use - and particularly inconvenient for the planet - powders, liquids, and pods are the old-school version of laundry detergents.

The future of laundry detergent is a far more effective, ecologically-sounder product designed for today’s washing machines and how we live now.

Small and light, they can be delivered direct to your door on a subscription basis, reducing time, effort, and emissions.

Millennials know what to look out for

Environmentally friendly detergents can sometimes get a bad press. When the eco movement took off in the mainstream many environmentally friendly alternatives were still poor substitutes, difficult to get hold of, and very expensive.

Fast forward many years and these days millennials are often suspicious of companies’ green credentials. Justifiably so.

Greenwashing, the ‘process of conveying a false impression or providing misleading information about how a company's products are more environmentally sound’ was rife and continues to be a problem.

greenwashing of chimney smoke

Millennials want products that are convenient and better for the environment while still doing the job they claim to.

It’s not convenient to have to rewash your clothes because your eco-friendly detergent didn’t get them clean the first time. It’s not convenient to have to drive miles or pay excessive postage to buy a product. Particularly if it’s already a lot more expensive than the alternative.

Luckily times have changed.

Why traditional laundry detergents can no longer compete

Modern washing machines are designed to use less water and lower water temperatures. Traditional detergents are not great in these conditions. They often don’t fully dissolve, leaving residue in your washing machine and on your clothes.

cleaning washing machine seals


Pods are coated in a PVA plastic that needs the right conditions to bio-degrade. Conditions that aren’t found in your washing machine. This means that the membrane, along with other undissolved chemicals from pods, powders and liquids, can build up as gunk which breeds germs and odours.

If you don’t clean your washing machine regularly enough it can even cause it to break down.

Traditional laundry detergents contain bulkers and often unnecessary, potentially dangerous chemicals. This makes them bad for the environment for two reasons: what’s in them and the emissions created in moving these heavy, bulky products around.

Vast quantities of plastic are used in their production. From bottles and boxes to plastic microbeads in detergents themselves, plastic continues to be a problem. It ends up in landfill and in our water supply.

Melt laundry detergent strips – better washing power, real environmental credentials, AND convenience

Melt laundry detergent strips, unlike many other strips and sheets, don’t contain any PVA plastic. Unlike traditional laundry detergents they dissolve fully in cold water and in low water, so they won’t leave any residue in your machine or in your clothes.



They don’t contain any harsh chemicals or synthetic dyes or fragrances.

Unlike traditional laundry detergents, Melt laundry strips are packaged in recycled, recyclable cardboard, contain no plastic and are a zero-waste product. Small and light, their use cuts down on emissions compared with traditional products.

Because they can be posted through your door and are available on a subscription basis that can be adjusted to suit your needs, you need never run out again. Infinitely dosable, without the mess associated with powders and liquids, you’ll only use as much as you need.

The Melt laundry detergent subscription service gives millennials exactly what they are looking for in a laundry detergent. Why not join us!