No Mess, No Fuss: How To Travel Light And Still Wear The Clothes You Love

by Rachel Bray

No Mess, No Fuss: How To Travel Light And Still Wear The Clothes You Love

Travelling finally got easier – and not just because restrictions are being lifted

Travel’s not simply something to look back fondly on anymore! The world’s opening up again as more people get vaccinated against COVID 19. Holidays are back on the cards.


Days on the beach and nights in the clubs might be your thing. Or perhaps it’s hiking up Mount Kilimanjaro and a safari. Or maybe it’s a cottage in the Scottish Highlands with the kids. Whatever you like to do, you can start to plan time away.

Getting away from it all

Holidays are about getting away from the daily grind. They’re for relaxing and spending time with people you love or for making new acquaintances and enjoying different experiences. For most, it’s a bit of both.

But everyone going on holiday has the same dilemma: what clothes to take.

How do you pack for a weekend, a week or more? Will the weather be hot, or will it be cold? Will the sun shine, or will it rain? How do you get all your outfits into one tiny bag? And how many times can you realistically get away with wearing the same top, swimwear or white jeans without them smelling or looking dirty?

For the millionaires amongst us there’s excess baggage and the hotel laundry service / villa staff.

For the rest of us, there’s travel wash. Or buying what you think is probably a pack of garishly-coloured laundry detergent pods - but could just as easily be dishwasher detergent - at great expense.

The double-edged sword of ‘packing light’

Let’s face it, if you want to fit all your favourite outfits into one cabin-friendly bag to avoid a) losing or waiting days for your luggage or b) paying the extortionate price for hold luggage, you’ll need to pack light. Which is probably to be commended in any case as how many of your ‘extra, just in case I run out of clean clothes’ outfits would you ever wear anyway?

And if you take the travel wash - bearing in mind it’ll take up some of your allowable liquids space if you’re flying and taking hand luggage only - what are the chances you’ll get to the other end without it having leaked all over everything?

Or would you rather risk the laundry / dishwasher detergent pods when you know you’ll leave the rest behind at the end of the week anyway?

Surely there’s a better option!




The holiday packing tip you need

There is a better option! We wouldn’t let you get this far and then tell you there isn’t. That would be cruel.

Enter award-winning Melt Travel laundry detergent strips. They won’t leak in your carry-on bag or checked luggage.

Melt Travel Laundry Detergent Strips ad with balloons 

Melt Travel Laundry Detergent Strips


Roughly the size of a pack of cards (and even lighter), Melt Travel strips will wash at least 20 garments, either by hand or in the machine. Unlike traditional laundry detergents the strips dissolve fully in 10 seconds and won’t leave any gunky residue on your favourite clothes.

And for good measure Melt Travel laundry detergent strips are environmentally friendly inside and out. They contain no harmful chemicals and are packaged without the use of plastic.

So, even if you make it through your holiday without ever needing to wash a thing (maybe you made some millionaire friends whose staff did your laundry), you won’t be wasting space, liquids or weight allowance, money, or detergent by taking your Melt Travel strips with you. Easy.

Here’s to better days.